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Why Magazine Printing?

A magazine is your chance to share your passion with the world. Collect stories, interviews, and photographs to create a newsstand-quality mag that can’t be overlooked.And when you’re ready to put it all together, you’ll find a wide selection of binding options, including saddle stitched or stapled, perfect bound, loop bound, or wiro bound, and a number of paper types and weights.

Magazine printing 24 offers a number of printing services which include but are not limited to magazine printing.

Magazine printing 24 is the best choice for small and medium-size quarterly magazine publishers, offering professional quality magazine printing at low per-unit costs. With years of custom, high-quality printing experience, our experts are here to help you every step of the way.

How to Find the Best magazine printing Companies?

One of the best ways to find a quality magazine printing company is to collect local magazines and print publications that are up to your quality standards. You can simply use the contact information inside to reach out to the publishers and ask for their printing source. However, it’s important to be careful. If they are competitors of your own publication, you aren’t likely to get much compliance with your request. Other sources for printing company names can be found on social media sites like Twitter.

Once you’ve got a printing company or two in mind, there are some important things to think about.

Experience often translates into an excellent product, so finding out how long they’ve been in business is a great way to figure out what you can expect in terms of quality.

Some magazine printing companies evolve from publishing companies or magazines themselves, and tend to have a deeper sense of the fine details that might be important to you.  They might even offer resources on ways to improve your publishing skills.

Find out what current and former clients have to say about their services through reviews on Google+, Yelp, etc. Looking for recurring complaints and rave reviews is a well-informed way to establish an impression of the company and get a good sense of their reputation. However, when reading reviews, it is important to keep in mind that people tend to complain when unhappy and are much more likely to publicly express their frustration than their glee.

Another thing to consider when on your quest to find the best magazine printing company is the type of press (heat-set we press, sheet-fed, digital press) and accompanying equipment and how current it is. Printing technology has improved not only speed (turnaround time) but also quality, so be sure to look into the printing service machines being used to ensure they align with your goals and objectives.

It’s important not to be captivated by low numbers alone. It’s essential to read the fine print and ensure that the magazine printing company operates with no hidden fees or overages, as many companies will charge you up to 3% to 10% in overages without making this charge clear up front.

Before giving the green light on a print job, be sure you know all the associated costs. If you decide to go with a contract, be weary of entering into an agreement with a company who is pushing for you to sign without offering low-rate incentives. A contract means commitment from you, and should result in more affordable services in return.

Before sealing the deal and making a final decision on a magazine printing company, go the extra mile, research the company’s competitive advantages, and have a few questions answered: Do they offer free online magazine publishing? One-on-one account representatives? On-time guarantees? Multiple-publication discounts? What is the quality of paper they print on? How quick is the turnaround time? Are they offering additional, more high-tech benefits like custom mobile websites and augmented reality options?

No matter what these advantages are, they are important to consider because if you choose this printer, they will become your advantages, too. Good luck and reach out to us if we can help you further!

Magazine Printing Services That Set Your Business Apart

Why should you choose our magazine printing services at Magazine printing 24?

Magazine Printing 24

Many people adore freshly printed pages. That is why we believe that glossy magazines at Magazine printing 24 with vibrant images and engaging copies will never be out of date. Especially when you can get them coupled with:

Wide spectrum of printing features. We can make your magazine gloss or matte, colourful or black-and-white. To jazz it up, you may go for a plus cover. It is also your call which binding method to use and paper sizes to pick from.

Excellent quality. We use top-notch ink, paper, and the most advanced magazine printers in South Africa and be assured that your printed materials will look fantastic.

Cost-effectiveness. We charge reasonable prices for magazine printing services in South Africa, which is why customers turn to us again and again. Choose our solutions for magazine printing in South Africa and minimise your expenses!

Cheapest magazine printers in South Africa Magazine printing at Magazine printing 24 is a quick turnaround. We print all magazines ranging from glossy to non-glossy. We use quality papers to print magazines. Magazine printing 24 is a one stop Magazine printing company and therefore, we are the cheapest magazine printers in South Africa.

Highly skilled magazine graphic design team We also have a highly skilled magazine graphic design team who always add their special creative flair and input based on their experience. So, why not contact us to speak to one of our magazine printing experts and get your publication on the shelves ASAP.

How to Print a Magazine in 7 Easy & Affordable Steps

  1. Gather all of your Magazine project’s content and images.
  2. Place and format your content and images in an Adobe Suite Program (InDesign or Illustrator) OR: Use our online design tool and downloadable templates to create your perfect bound book.
  3. Enter your Binding, Size, and Quantity, #of Pages, Ink, Paper, and In-Hand Delivery Date and get an Instant Quote.
  4. Upload your print-ready PDF.
  5. We will then run your files through our 43-point checklist and send you a PDF proof for you to approve or reject.
  6. When approved, we will schedule and print your magazine.
  7. Your magazines will be delivered to your doorstep as promised for you to enjoy and distribute.

Grow Your Brand with Biggest Magazine Printing Company

Living in the digital age, people have an extremely short attention span. That is because of numerous distractions like ads, music, pictures and friends who keep texting. Online readers don’t even finish web articles due to these attention-grabbers. With this in mind, you better print a magazine in at Magazine printing 24 to deliver your message more effectively.

Moving your business online is fine as long as it isn’t the only way to increase your readership. But even if you choose to go this way, you should never underestimate the power of printed media to promote your brand. For those who are looking to print magazines, Magazine printing 24 is the number one choice.

Extra Tips for Picking a Magazine Printing Company

If you are looking for a great magazine printing company then the first place to look is the online review boards. Any professional printer who has provided substandard order materials or who has had other major customer service issues will probably be in these reviews. Avoid any printing company that has a large number of negative reviews and complaints.

You have decided to create your own magazine, and you need to find the best magazine printing company to make it a reality. What are some tips to do this?

  • Collect local magazines and other publications to compare magazine print companies
  • Use social media to ask for suggestions
  • Read customer reviews
  • What print technology does the magazine print company use?
  • What quality of paper can be used?
  • What is the turnaround time?
  • Are there on-time guarantees?
  • What is the company’s binding style?
  • What are the standard dimensions that the magazine print company offers? Knowing the standard dimensions, the magazine print company offers as standard will affect what sizes will be economically priced.
  • Is the print job being done in-house?
  • Get several quotes for same order details
  • Will the printer provide shipping?

Before you pick a final magazine printing company, make sure that you understand the experience that the professional has with this type of project. Someone who prints out postcards all day long but who has never printed out magazine components may be in over their head and the final product will reflect this fact. You want quality even if it means paying more for experience.

The best printing companies will stand behind their products and services 100%, even going so far as to guarantee satisfaction or providing a full refund in some cases. Check any guarantee that is offered closely because some guarantees are less than transparent and may not provide much of a remedy if you are unhappy with the results that you get.

Any magazine printer that cannot provide samples of past work should be viewed with suspicion. If the professional handles this type of job on a regular basis then samples should be easily available. If the company will not provide samples before you place an order then you may be better off choosing another professional instead.

Image quality is just as important as the type of binding that will be used, and you need to be realistic about the quality that is expected. Offset printing may be required for some images to ensure the highest possible quality, but in many cases, digital can work well for the images that are being used. The chosen magazine printer can help you determine this.

Connect with Magazine printing 24 for Magazine Printing

At Magazine printing 24, one of our core values is strengthening local community magazines in South Africa. Which is why we offer printing discounts to any customer that owns a local business or company.

Whether you’re seeking perfect binding, unique colour, intricate stitching, customised paper, or anything else, your magazine will benefit from our years of printing excellence.

We focus on competitive pricing and do everything in our power to advise you on utilising the most cost-effective methods and materials that meet your needs.

Furthermore, even when faced with the most unique customisable requests, we still offer the most affordable zine printing services.

Magazine printing Johannesburg at quick turnaround. At Magazine Printing 24, we print all magazines ranging from glossy to non-clossy. We use quality papers to print magazines. Mazine Printing 24 is a one stop Magazine printing company and therefore, we are the cheapest magazine printers in Johannesburg.

Magazine Printing Services at Magazine printing 24

  • Wedding magazines
  • Educational magazines
  • Food and beverage magazines
  • Entertainment publications
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-annual, quarterly and annual publications
  • Event magazines
  • Tourism guides
  • Hobby magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Promotional / Sales magazines
  • Specialty guides
  • Fashion Magazines
  • Computer and technical publications
  • Architecture Magazines
  • Hotel Magazines
  • Art Magazines
  • Bridal Magazines
  • Community Directories
  • Collegiate Magazines

High Quality Magazine Printing in Johannesburg

Gloss Magazine Printing Johannesburg

If it’s the highest quality pictures you seek, gloss art paper produces the sharpest photos. The paper fives the highest contrast due to the higher reflection and sharper dots as a result of its smooth finish. Needless to say, Gloss art paper is great for showing off things like art and detailed products. However, although not of great concern, gloss finish can be more prone to reflection and fingerprint marks. We research our paper for bulk, smoothness, whiteness, and scuff resistance to ensure printing looks outstanding when we print at high resolution. We are proudly top magazine printing company in Johannesburg.

Silk Magazine Printing Johannesburg

Silk Magazine printing method gives a luxurious understated quality feel to the printed magazine. Therefore, the printing method is useful for business to business publishing and as a marketing material. Because it is more prone to scuffing than gloss papers, we recommend that an overprint silk coating is specified, to protect the quality of the print. The silk we use gives exceptional results and gives you everything you want from a silk paper. Besides being smooth and velvety to the touch, it has a uniquely high quality feel to it.

Uncoated Magazine Printing Johannesburg

Uncoated magazine printing paper is actually slightly more expensive than the coated stocks. It is often used to portray an association with the environment. It is also used if an understated feel for the product is required.

How Suitable are our Magazines?

Magazine Printing Companies use a massive amount of paper to produce millions of magazines. The process of getting paper produces a large amount of carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas that helps cause global warming. Digital Magazine printing companies use a large amount of electricity, and the common source of energy to get electricity is coal. Coal is very harmful and affects the environment negatively. Magazine Printing 24 has gone green and all digital and litho printing works; magazine printing, calendar printing, diary printing and book printing. We not only use recycled paper, but also purchase printing consumables that are environmentally friendly or “green”. We use responsibly harvested forest paper.

Magazine Printing 24 specialises in large quantity runs that enable to offer our clientele a specialised boutique short run magazine printing service for their customised and niche publications or special interest magazines. Our advanced magazine printing technology, unbeatable knowledge and wealth of experience means we can offer our customers superior magazine printing quality and and our magazine prices

Why Create Your Own Magazine?

Creating your own print magazine allows you to curate the content in a way that you feel best speaks to your audience. When you publish your own magazine, it is very much important to incorporate content that is most relevant, interesting and well written. But more than that, a magazine should be a visual feast. It is an opportunity to reach your audience viscerally and in a meaningful way. Magazine Printing can be utilised to reach more potential customers or followers by creating interesting content, strong images and great design because the more eye-catching the more likely you are to draw your audience in.

More often than not, a strong image will make much more of an impact in a magazine. Self-publishing your own title means that you can create a powerful message and build your brand. By collecting the works of respected contributors, your brand will gain credibility and will grow. At MagazinePrinting24 we can do short run magazines for industry expos, property magazines, local or suburban publications, small niche interests such as macramé, cigars or flower pressing or local business or industries that publish on-topic print magazines to grow a community and share a common interest.

Seven Tips from Magazine Printers

The decision to publish your own magazine shows that you mean business. Magazines can sell your products, educate, share industry knowledge and opinion, put your products or services out in the public sphere or just share common interests or experiences. In order for your publication to be successful as possible and for it to look the best it can, as professional and knowledgeable printers, we have compiled some useful tips for magazine printing Johannesburg:
• Always use high-resolution images;
• Choose strong images for a double page spread;
• Make sure you proofread before you go to print;
• Don’t make the pages too busy;
• Make sure your designer has accounted for bleed and for binding;
• Work closely with your designer and keep them in the loop during the printing process;
• Choose good quality paper.

Your First Choice in Magazine Printing Companies Johannesburg

We are always on hand to assist and advise our customers, from paper choice to publication size, and everything in between. We also have a highly skilled design team who are always on hand to add their special creative flair and input based on their experience. So, why not contact us to speak to one of our magazine printing experts and get your publication on the shelves now.